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A celebration of nature’s character since the 2010 harvest.

An annual “Réflexion” from the cellar master

Lallier Réflexions was born with R.010 – as a Réflexion around the 2010 harvest and released globally in 2014. This cuvée is a deep reflection of a specific annual harvest. A Champagne that defied the conventions of the Champagne Brut Non-Vintage category by favoring the expression of the base wine over taste consistency, ‘Réflexions’ perfectly captures our winemaking ethos – one that believes that Champagne should be reflective of its terroir, both in quality and character. As a result, we encounter new subtle notes every year. A pure quest for excellence and sincerity towards what nature brings each year.

The Lallier signature style

Lallier Réflexions is the emblem of the house’s signature style. Purity & Freshness are
the foundations. They are both glorious gifts from the limestone found in Champagne terroir and from Chardonnay grapes. Then comes the Lallier distinctive
touch: Intensity and Depth, carefully cultivated by the Cellar Master and his
team through vinification in wooden barrels, long aging on lees and the use of bespoke

Réflexion past and present

Since 2010, Lallier has released nine Réflexions blends. Each possessing a slightly different character based on the harvest, but upholding the balance of purity, freshness, intensity and depth that defines the Champagne Lallier signature style.

Champagne Lallier
R.019 - Citrus, Fresh, Deep

Réflexion R019 epitomizes the remarkable 2019 harvest, enhanced with expressive notes of citrus (lemon and tangerine) and white fruits (green apple and vine peach), punctuated by a fine effervescence, and notes of brioche and spice

Champagne Lallier
R.018 - Lively & delicate, with citrus notes

A generous and prosperous reflection of 2018, delighting us with rich and intense taste, and a fresh edge

Champagne Lallier
R.016 - Ample & silky, with fruity notes

A unique reflection of 2016, a challenging but rewarding year producing a rare vintage

Champagne Lallier
R.015 - Mineral, ample & memorable

A magnificent reflection of 2015, a sun-filled year producing an impressive vintage

Champagne Lallier
R.014 - Structured & generous, with apricot notes

A beautifully structured and subtle reflection of 2014, producing notes of apricot, gingerbread and honey

Champagne Lallier
R.013 - Enchanting, soft & seductive

A hypnotic reflection of 2013, punctuated by generous aromas of fruit and classic citrus

Champagne Lallier
R.012 - Balanced, delicate and floral

A gentle, silky reflection of 2012, with sumptous notes of mirabelle plum and acacia honey

Champagne Lallier
R.011 - Ethereal, airy and confident

A lively reflection of 2011, with notes of quince and an intriguing minerality

Champagne Lallier
R.010 - Original, fruity and balanced

A brilliant start to the Réflexions R series, a reflection of 2010 boasting peppery, fruity and floral notes

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