Champagne Lallier
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A sumptuous, bold twist on classic rosé Champagne, rounded with vivid freshness and a delicate but intense taste.

Champagne Lallier Champagne Lallier


Crafted from Pinot Noir grapes originating from Montagne de Reims (Verzenay, Verzy, Bouzy et Ambonnay) with a hint of Chardonnay from Côte des Blancs, and then blended with 7% of still red wine originating from the Bouzy Grand Cru, a rare and elusive terroir in the northernmost part of the region, bringing an inimitable color, fruitiness and structure to the blend.

Champagne Lallier Champagne Lallier


A unique blend of still white wines from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, vinified separately, with 7% of Bouzy Grand Cru red wines, vinified to be soft yet powerful. This method consolidates the full and intense character of the Pinot Noir with the characteristic freshness of the Chardonnay. Made with 65% Pinot Noir and 35% Chardonnay.


Lallier Rosé brightens any aperitif moment with a delicate, sumptuous twist and bursting fruits. Enjoy Lallier Rosé’s distinctive intensity on its own, or with a light gourmet meal, no matter the season.


Generous, Fresh and Elegant

  • Color

    Invigorating light pink.

  • Nose

    Fruit-dominant with fresh cherry, red currant and raspberry notes, and delicate hints of apple and mandarin.

  • Palate

    Rounded taste of red fruits and floral notes, followed by intense freshness and a delicate acidity, with salty length.

ID Card

  • Blend

    80% of base wines20% of reserve wines

  • Grape variety

    A unique blend of still white wines from Pinot Noir & Chardonnay grapes, with 7% of Bouzy Grand Cru red wines, vinified to be soft yet powerful.

    65% Pinot Noir35% Chardonnay

  • Aging

    36 months minimum

  • Dosage

    8 g/L

  • Disgorgement

    Min. 3 months before shipment


Tradition and modernity collide to create a new alchemy of ideas, built on five generations of Champagne expertise in one of the best regions for it. Discover Lallier’s pioneering savoir-faire.


  • iconTHE RIGHT GLASSThe ideal Lallier Rosé Champagne glass slowly releases the bouqet of scents and effervescence of the liquid. It sits between a flute and a wine glass: a long leg, wide bowl, and a narrow opening.
  • iconTHE RIGHT TEMPERATURETo reveal the full potential of this Champagne, serving temperature should sit between 10°C and 12°C. Anything colder will limit the wine’s full expression.
Champagne Lallier


Serve Lallier Rosé Champagne as an aperitif, or along with a light and gourmet meal.

  • Raw fish
  • Shellfish such as lobster or king crab
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